Bifocal Analysis:


Identified Content Team "Area of Growth": Differentiation in "real time"

In line with the "true work" of the PLC, all teams could easily articulate what the data did and did not indicate. They could list next steps and potential instructional changes as well as intervention strategies to address the struggling learner. Teams were, however, typically at a loss when addressing what to do when our students "do" get the standards.

Team Generated Next Steps: At a Glance

As shown in the snapshots below, interventions were clearly stated, while differentiation (when they get it) is vague.
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Student Correlation

K-Prep trend data indicates a significant decline in performance for our advanced placement students. We want to offer proactive strategies to combat this issue.

Next Steps/Needs: Culture Transforming Coaching

  • Embedded "Instructional Coaching"/differentiation coaching: Teachers would be paired up with an colleague/instructional coach based upon their content area/area of growth. The "Teacher/Coach" could observe, offer suggestions, and work the colleague to select specific strategies to address their classroom needs. This model reinforces our school-wide "PLC Model'' in that this collaborative collegial partnership would be fostered based upon the teacher's stated area of growth, they would partner with a colleague who currently demonstrates the strategy in action. Both efforts would help to proactively promote student growth and achievement.
  • Embedded "Differentiated Instruction" coaching school-wide during learning centers: This training could, initially, highlight one or two strategies to address the proficient learner.