Angela Knabe

All about me

what i like

1. skateboarding

2. video games

3. reading

4. sleeping

5. church

6. music

7. friends

8. shopping

9. family

10. tv

Things i find significant

1. skateboarding

2. family

3. school

My Hobbies

1. photography

2. hunting

3. mudding

4. dirtbike riding

My Biggest Influence

my biggest influence would be my dad because he is a very hard worker and he always puts his family first. He has the same beliefs as me and always understands peoples side of things. ( most of the time. ) My dad always accomplishes and finishes what he starts and is always motivated, when he isn't playing video games with me.
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favorite book

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favorite movie

my favorite poem

you say you love rain,

but you open your umbrella.

you say you love the sun,

but you find a shadow spot.

you say you love the wind,

but you close your windows.

this is why i am afraid,

because you say you love me too.

- William Shakespeare

my favorite quote

your body isnt you

your soul is you

- red band society

places that ive been that have impacted me

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my dream, my inspiration

my dream would to be successful. i want to be something, i want to feel important, i want to feel like people know who i am. i want to put myself out there and let the world see who i really. my inspiration is helping others in need. i want to be a heart surgeon for young kids like me. i want to be able to feel like i was actually counted on. i want to feel important. so as my dream, one day, just one day, i will save a life.

what i love

i love bands. music. just anything that will get me going and that is incredibly loud.

a thing that i face

i myself face fear. i am afraid of many things in the world and yet i couldn't get enough of them. i like to be around the things that i am afraid of so that i can see how much harm it can really do.

a thing that i hide

i had my pain. the pain i might feel while it be physical or emotional. i don't show my feelings and i don't really like to say how i am feeling.
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what would bring me pain and fear

a thing i would really hate in finding fear or mainly pain would be loosing something i love most. loosing my very best friend or loosing a family member. i am very close to the people that i love and finding out that something happened in a way that i wouldn't be able to see them on a daily basis or so would make me feel unconditional pain.

happiness to me

to me happiness is a simple word that everyone faces at least once in their lives. i face happiness every time i see my sisters. i get to know that they are healthy and happy and also they have everything they need.
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my best friend makes me laugh