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My Fifth Grade Year

This last year in the York Elementary School has been a thrill! I have a fantastic teacher named Mrs.Veldkamp. I also have three other awesome teachers named Mrs.Bellow's, Mr.Luce, and Mrs.Friesen. Fifth grade has probably been one of my most favorite years of school. Here everyone is so kind and understanding!


Student Voice

In fifth grade we do something called Student Voice. In Student Voice we have different committies. Every quarter of school we switch committies. The committies I have been on are really fun! The first committee I was on was daily announcements. For daily announcements you go to the office and on our school's loud speaker we get to dismiss the school! The second committee I was on was special events. For special events we got to post things that are going on in our school on Facebook and Twitter.

The third committee I was on is Preschool. For Preschool on Thursday and Friday I would get to go to the Preschool room and play with the Preschoolers for 15 minutes. When I was in there the kids would like to do art, play with sand or water, play house, do fun games, build with blocks, and many other things. Make sure you watch the clock though otherwise you'll be late! The fourth and final committee I was on is

5th Grade Classes

For your classes in 5th grade you do a lot of rotating to the other classrooms. When you first get into 5th grade the routine of switching is kind of hard to get used to, but after a while you'll get the hang of things. Your homework is going to be a challenge if you don't pay attention, so my advice to you is pay attention!!! Homework gets you especially for math. The hardest part for me was fractions, but I stayed focused and got my work done. Also if you don't want to stay after school over and over, turn your homework in on time and make sure you get it finished. That's my advice for your fifth grade classes.

My Advice