Walk in My Nike Shoes

By. Ty Cottom

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  1. The company distributed for a Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger.
  2. Nike was founded by university of Oregon track athlete (Phil Knight, and Bill Bowerman.)
  3. A student athlete named, Otis Davis, was the first person ever to wear the first Nike shoes made.
  4. Otis's shoes was made by Bill Bowerman, the shoe was made from a Waffle Iron.
  5. By 1971 BRS and Onitsuka Tiger, their bond was ending.
  6. Nike was the first to use the Swoosh.


I love to play football in my Nike cleats, I also love soccer with my Nike cleats.

Day in the life of

Someone that wants to keep their body in shape and workout. They would wear Nike running shoes, because the shoes are light. Their lives and bodies would feel great, because the shoes wouldn't hurt their feet.