"I Rise" by Maya Angelou

Brooke Dunnam

5 words

Dream, Shame, Hope, Terror and pain. these words are important to the poem because they mean passion and reflect her terrible and miserable childhood. these words also show how much her life has changed overtime by dreaming.

important lines

1."you can shoot me with your words"

2. "leaving behind nights of terror and fear"

These lines are important because it shows how powerful she is and her determination that she had. These lines also show the integrity and strength she had to use to get through her childhood situations.

poetic device

"You can shoot me down with your words, you can cut me with your lies, you can kill me with your hatefulness", this is a hyperbole. this device adds meaning to the tone or theme by saying how strong she really is and how powerful she is.


the theme of my picture is that all races have equal rights and shouldn't be treated differently while the words and the phrases reflect her childhood memories.

the items on my page create a specific theme because one thought bubble shows the split between the 2 races while the other bubble shows the 2 races with equal rights.

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