Howling Coyote


Important Dates:

May 9-13: CAASPP Testing (3rd-6th Grades)

May 10: PTC Meeting 7:00pm (Library)

May 12: Minimum Day- OPEN HOUSE (5:30pm-7:00pm)

May 16: Minimum Day- Report Card Prep

May 24 & 25- SRES Dance Show 6:00pm

May 30: NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day

June 1: 6th Grade Promotion (Details coming soon)

June 1: PTC Yearbook Signing Party (During School Hours)

June 2: Minimum Day- Last Day of School

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SRES Open House- May 12th

We look forward to seeing everyone back on campus for our Open House on Thursday, May 12th at 5:30pm.

Please remember that Thursday is a Minimum Day and we will have the following schedule:

TK-K: 7:50-12:10pm

1-6th: 7:50-12:20pm

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SRES Dance Show is Back- "At the Movies" May 24-25th 6:00pm

Ticket order information will be coming home with your student today! Please return the form beginning on Monday, May 9th to your child's teacher or to the office with your payment.

You can also purchase tickets in person at Open House on Thursday, May 12th and on Friday, May 13th, as well as the following week in the front office. Tickets will be sent home with students before the show.

Please note: Final ticket sales will be on Monday, May23rd, and will NOT be available for purchase the night of performance.

The show will be outside near the field at 6:00pm, so bring your chairs/blankets to enjoy the performance. Here is the schedule:


Hartman K

Arin 4

Weeks 4

Meldrum 5

Patterson 2

Becker 3

Caddow 1

Stowers K

Henshaw 1

Beardsley 6

Wheeler 2

Finley TK

Smith 6


Bauer K

O'Hara 5

Montera 4

Haviland 5

Maloney 2

Hildan 3

Bronte 1

Kirk K

Autrey 3

Vaughen 6

Nottoli 2

Nichols TK

Romero 6

If you'd like to help your student practice, here is a link to all the music files:

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Safety Reminder- Bikes and Scooters

Please remind your student that bikes and scooters need to be walked on campus, including in the crosswalks. Thank you for keeping out Coyotes safe!

Spring Band Concert- Thank you Mrs. Richie

Our Spring Band Concert with our 5th and 6th grade band members was a hit! A special thanks to our music teacher, Mrs. Richie for all she does and to the students who rocked their performances!

Thanks to the PTC for our Picnic!

It was so great to see our families back on campus and spending time with their students. We saw so many smiles!
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Staff Appreciation Week- A BIG THANK YOU!

Thank you to the PTC and all our families for spoiling our staff this past week. It really was SPA-tacular! We are so grateful and love our amazing coyote community!!

CAASPP- State Testing

From May 2nd to May 13th, students in 3rd though 6th grade will participate in statewide assessments in English Language, Math, and Science. The SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) Tests in ELA and Mathematics will be administered to all students in Grades 3rd-6th. The CAST (California Science Assessments) will be administered to all 5th grade students. Additionally, students who have a designation in their individualized education plan (IEP) are eligible to take the California Alternate Assessments (CAAs) in ELA, Math, and Science.

How can you support your child these net two weeks?

1. Help your child get a full 8+ hours of sleep each night

2. Provide a healthy breakfast for them to begin their day

3. Send them with a healthy snack for AM recess

4. Encourage them to have a positive, growth mindset and to do their best on the tests!

5. Try to schedule routine appointments either in the latter part of the day or after this two-week window

As always, we thank you for supporting your child's educational experience. :)

Can you help?? Backpack Hooks Part 2

The Sunset Ranch PTC and Placer Valley Sunrise Rotary Club have partnered on a backpack hook project for all of our classrooms and we would like to thank all who helped on Part 1 of installation on April 12th.

We have Part 2 planned for May 19th at 4:00pm and could use the help of about 15 people once again. If you are available and willing, please let us know by signing up HERE.

Thank you so much!

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For the month of MAY we are talking about Cooperation! Cooperation is about assistance and support, about collaboration and teamwork. It is a necessary tool in our toolbox for creating a community that cares for one another. Here is the definition we are using:

Cooperation: Working together and helping others.

A lot of messaging in our world would suggest that “doing it on your own” is a measure of success. And while independence is important, we must develop skills to work alongside one another and create things, together, that are better than anything we could create on our own. Successful people know when and how to ask for help and are generous in giving it out when they have something to offer! Cooperation requires great communication, self-awareness, and the ability to step up (or step back) when the time is right to best support whatever group you are working with. Over the course of the month, we will be creative in teams, accomplish amazing things side by side, and learn about what it means to do meaningful, PurposeFull work together.

Activity at Home:

Play the classic cooperative catch game as a family! Choose an object to toss back and forth. Use a water balloon if you are feeling brave or keep it simple with a beanbag. Stand across from your partner with your toes about one foot apart. One partner tosses the object to the other partner. Each time the object is caught, the partners take one step backwards to create a larger gap. The thrower and the catcher must work cooperatively to be successful! See how you can improve your communication and score (distance) over the course of the month.

Allergy Season is Here- Medical Waiver Info

With Springtime allergy season upon us, students are experiencing many allergy symtpoms that mimic Covid-related symptoms. Unfortunatley, if a child exhibits any reported symptom below, even just from allergies, RUSD will advise students to stay home, regardless of vaccination status. After reporting ANY symptoms from the following list, students must have a negative test result in order to return to school:



-Nausea or Vomiting


-Muscle or Body Aches


-New Loss of Taste of Smell

-Sore Throat

-Congestion or Runny Nose


Luckily, if your student has a history of seasonal allergies and has symptoms (congestion, runny nose, etc), RUSD has a medical waiver available. Once signed by a physician, the medical waiver can be kept on file for your student. If a student has a symptom that is excused by the waiver, a covid test will not be required in order to return to school. RUSD Medical Waiver

If you have any questions please contact our health aide, Rosie Molinaro at

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Coyote Walking Club!

Beginning March 14, 2022, Sunset Ranch students are all invited to participate in a morning Walking Club supervised by two of our amazing teachers, Mrs. Jill Hartman and Mrs. Kelsy Patterson.

Beginning Date: Monday, March 14, 2022

Days/Times: Monday-Friday @7:30-7:40 (canceled if it rains)

Location: Basketball blacktop behind the Multipurpose Room/Cafeteria

Important Student Expectations:

  • Students do not need to sign up- they may show up on days they’d like to participate

  • Students will arrive no sooner than 7:30 am

  • Students will enter the blacktop through the gate opening near the parking lot to the rear of the cafeteria

  • Students will place their backpacks on a “PE Paw”

  • Students will walk around the blacktop walking track (marked with paw prints)

  • Students will stop walking at 7:40, get their backpacks, and will proceed directly to class

SRES Garden Fundraiser: Flower Power LAST DAY TO ORDER IS MAY 15th

Our students are the top priority at Sunset Ranch Elementary. Every year we strive to bring the best in academic and extracurricular activities to our Coyotes with your support. We are very pleased to launch a unique fundraiser by Flower Power, which offers high-quality bulbs, seeds, and berries. Not only are they great for you, but they also make terrific gifts. 50% of the proceeds will go to fund a variety of programs such as the garden, the library, Pawsitive rewards, and so on. This is a great opportunity to support our school and brighten your world with flowers at the same time.

Click the link below to order for direct delivery to your home. Thank you!

Flower Power website

Registration is Open for the 2022-23 School Year

Click Here for all Registration Information! Contact the office if you have any questions.