Module 2

Assignment 1

What are some advantages to writing both content and language objectives for students to see and hear?

Ensuring that your students see and hear both the content objectives and language objectives is very crucial. When the objectives are written and reviewed during class the students are able to know what exactly they are going to be learning that day and they know what to expect.

The second part to knowing what you are going to be learning is knowing how it connects to what you have already learned. Vogt (n.d) states that as teachers, "we (need to) make explicit links to past learning... (we) need to help students forge that connection."

HOw might written objectives affect teacher and student performance in the classroom?

Having the objectives written should affect the teacher and the students in a positive, encouraging way. When the objectives are not written or reviewed with with the class, "...students do not know what they are supposed to learn each day" Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2008).

Having the objectives written will help the students to become familiar with academic language. Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2008) insisted, "SIOP teachers must also incorporate into their lesson plans objectives that support teachers' academic language development..." Another way that written objectives can affect the performance in the classroom is by having them written on the board it is a visual reminder for the students and the teacher what the topic at hand is, causing them to stay on task. They also serve as a great way, for teachers and students together, to quickly evaluate whether or not they achieved the objectives after the lesson.