What's New at the Zoo?

a PBL Experience

About Our Project

Our driving question for this project was "How can we, as second grade zoologists, persuade the Dallas Zoo to add an animal to their collection?" As the students began to think about this project, they came up with the following "Need to Knows"

  • What animals are already at the zoo?
  • What animals would be good for the weather climate here in the Dallas area?
  • What are the basic needs of the animal and how does it meet those needs?
  • What would the zoo need to provide for the animals?
  • Why would the zoo want to add this animal to their collection?
  • What other information would the zoo need to make a decision?

We conducted a great deal of research for this project. Students used a variety of sources. We want to extend a special thank you to Bethany Brant, our school librarian for her help and support during this project. Each group cited their sources using the Super 3 format.

A special shout out to two of our classrooms of learning friends. Miss Mac's Owls in Alabama and Mrs Morgan's Superstars in Texas for also doing this PBL with us in conjunction with zoos in their area.

Below are the presentations the students prepared for the Dallas Zoo.

Presented by: Second Grade Superstars

We are a community of second grade learners who knows the only reason our classrooms have walls is to keep the bugs out--not to keep the learning in!