Transition Plan

Elementary to Secondary School

What are the objectives of the transition meeting?

Patty and her parents will have the chance to meet with her teacher and necessary support staff to discuss the upcoming transition from Grade 8 to Grade 9. By the conclusion of this meeting:

1. will allow all those involved, including, Patty, her parents, teachers, and support staff to have a chance to get to know each other

2. will allow all those involved to familiarize themselves with the process and the roles each of them will be expected to play

3. to allow the opportunity to identify any other sources of support that may be needed/available to the transition/planning process and to determine if there are any other supports that may be needed for Patty

Who is available to help with the transition?

1. The Principal

2. All subject Teachers

3. SERT- Special Education Resource Teachers

4. Educational Assistants

5. Guidance Counselors

6. Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Interpreters, and any other professionals as needed

Central Algoma Secondary School (CASS)

PrincipalMarcy Bell

Vice PrincipalJim Belsito

How does the process work?


1. Team leader appointed to coordinate the process

2. Team leader will select a transition team

3. Team will collect necessary background information

Development of the Plan:

1. Identify transition goals

2. Identify all steps and actions required to meet these goals

3. Ensure that all existing plans are coordinated with the transition plan

4. Identify timelines and responsibility for each step of the plan

Documentation and Implementation:

The finalized transition plan will include goals, responsibilities and timelines that will be included.

Transition Planning: The Future

The end result of the transition plan will be to prepare your child for their future needs.
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