Ways to stop bullying

Get help

If you are getting bullied then you can get a parent or trustworthy adult. If you are not the one getting bullied and are a by stander then you can be the one to get an adult and stop the bully. Never fight back it is always better to get help.

Talk to the bully

If you are being bulled before you get an adult confront the bully, not by threatening them but you can also ask them why they are being mean to you or try to make friends with them. if this doesnt work out then your best option would be to get an adult.

some good things to do:

Dont be a bully!!

Are you a bully?

sometimes you dont realize if you are bullying someone you can cyber, phisical, and verbally bully someone. to prevent your self from being a bully then you can treat everyone how you would want to be treated.

always remember to be kind