Grand Canyon

By: Jason Brooks

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Where is the Grand Canyon located?

It can be found across Northeastern Arizona.

How long is the Canyon?

The Grand Canyon stretches as far as 277 miles long and wide.

How old is the Grand Canyon?

It is seen to be 2 billion to 230 million years old.


Name- Grand Canyon National Park

Longitude and Latitude- 36.1128 N, 113.9961 W

Elevation- 8,000-2,400 feet above sea level

Closest big city?

Las Vegas, NV. - 270 miles

Phoenix, AZ. - 230 miles

Grand Canyon

Monday, April 18th, 9am

Grand Canyon National Park, Coconino County, AZ, United States


How Far is it from Kansas City, MO ?

1,130 miles - 13 hour drive
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Avg. Highs/ 100 F

Avg. Lows/ 75 F

Avg. Precipitation/ 1-2 inches


Avg. Highs/ 55 F

Avg. Lows/ 35 F

Avg. Precipitation/ 1 inch

When did it become a park?

The park was founded by Native American hunters who settled in the canyons gorges in the late 1500's. Over 5000 years ago.

Where does it get the name?

The name comes from obviously its size but it was named by John Wesley Powell who was a great american explorer and also helped make the first map of the Grand Canyon.

Geologic Features within the Grand Canyon

History and How it formed over time






Rock Types and Era

What Plate does is lay upon?

North American Plate

Rock Types?

Sedimentary- Sandstone, Limestone, and Shale.

Rock Layers

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How is the Canyon still changing?

talk about erosion and photos

My trip to the Grand Canyon.


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