Charles Lindbergh

The Missourian Aviator

What did Charles Lindbergh

Born in Detroit, Michigan, on February 4, 1904, Charles Augustus Lindbergh grew up near Little Falls, Minnesota. His father, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Sr., had immigrated to Minnesota from Sweden with his parents in 1860. Charles Lindbergh was inspired to going to the mail flying business when a ¨barnstormer” came to Little Falls to sell rides in his plane. Charles Lindbergh died age 72, August 26, 1974 in Maui, Hawaii.

What Did He Do?

Charles was important because he attempted to win the Orteig Prize. The Orteig Prize was a $25,000 reward for the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean without stopping. even though a lot a people died trying, he still tried and was successful. We honor him for showing great bravery and courage.

What Was His Impact On The World

After people realized the bravery Charles Lindbergh had, people started taking more risks. Trying new things. Also, he had a big impact on aviation. Charles continued to be a hero for 80 years.

Should We Try To Be More Like Him?

Yes, definitely, because without taking risks and trying new things, what’s the point of life? People should stray from the pack, and try to be something great, because everybody has the capability to be something AMAZING.
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