Lions Bingo

Play while you read your favorite books!

Let's Play Lions Bingo!! (Rules)

  • · Only one Bingo card per student. If you lose your bingo card, you will have to wait till the next Bingo round. Bingo cards will not be replaced.
  • · There will be 3 rounds of Lions Bingo for this school year starting in January and ending in February. Cards will only be good during each round. You cannot collect rewards for bingos after the ending date of the round shown on the bingo card.
  • · A bingo is 5 squares across, not a row of 4 up and down. Each box must have the title and the author of the book. Your bingo card has to have your signature and the signature of a parent or guardian or the card won’t count.
  • · You can bring your card to the library before or after school each time you get a bingo of five squares across to receive your award. You cannot bring your bingo card in during school hours or your library time.

Starts Jan 12 and Ends Feb 12


· A coupon for 1 extra library book

· A Bonus Raffle Ticket

· Pick something from the treasure box

· a pencil