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Editors in Training

Some of our fifth grade students used this E-track experience to hone their writing and interviewing skills. Fun was had by all as they visited various enrichment groups after developing interview questions. As our editors visited with students, they took notes and then compiled their notes into the stories that follow. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these students, and I'm quite proud of their first published newsletter. With only four sessions to complete interviews, these students accomplished a rather large task. The Robison Times is the result of their hard work!

~Mrs. Gerletti

Mrs. Henning's Science E-Track by Austin Robeau

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Scrapbooking by Zachary Pedraza

E-Track is an excellent activity that many if not all kids enjoy. There is such a variety of activities to choose from so everyone gets to do an activity they enjoy, for example chess. Some fifth graders chose Scrapbooking, and all of the students enjoy it. Scrapbooking is a way to let out your creativity in a fun way. Jennifer Devautor and Leena Boubanider are both fifth graders who joined Scrapbooking. “I wanted to try something new,” Jennifer says on why she joined Scrapbooking. Leena also joined for the same reason, so it striked the interest for the students that joined rather than just because they have done it before. Everyday during the E-Track, they work on their scrapbooking skills, getting straight to the point immediately. “I think it’s really fun,” Leena shares about what she likes about it. Again, I got the same answer from Jennifer, showing that students don’t regret choosing this E-Track. I also talked to the teacher for Scrapbooking, Mrs. McCain. “I chose this E-Track because I like creativity and I wanted to work with people who were creative.” Mrs. McCain says. Scrapbooking is a fun, creative activity that people of all ages enjoy, and a great hobby to pick up.

Chess by Rayad Sieuchan

Some of the students in 5th grade chose the e-track, Chess! These students are Noah Fenney, Hayden Richards, and Cornyn Chan. Noah Fenney is in 5th grade and has a lot of experience in this E-track. Best E-track a boy like him can have.” Noah says. Cornyn is also in 5th grade and he wants to learn how to play chess. He really enjoys chess. “Chess is really fun” he says. Hayden is an experienced player that I had to include. He likes his E-track and plays chess with his dad. Most importantly he was the first person to win a chess game in his E-track. As you can tell, many people enjoyed this E-track and many people enjoy chess. It is a fun activity that takes skill, strategy, and knowledge.

Doodle Art by Kyle Thibaut

Some of our 4th graders at Robison invested their time into Doodle Art. All of them said that it was awesome and fun. One of the 4th graders named Lucas chose this e-track "because there’s no rules", and his quote was, “It’s really awesome!” Another 4th grader named Kenneth said he chose this e-track because he really likes to draw. He also said, "I like it and it’s fun”. Yet another 4th grader, Penelope, said she chose this particular E-track because she loves to draw. She also shared, “You can do whatever you want!”

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Drawing to Music

Drawing to music is an E-Track run by Ms. Murray. It is where second graders learned about musicians from the past like Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. They also learned different genres in music like country, pop and more! I went into this E-Track to ask some questions and one student I talked to was Bailey G. She was drawing to Dolly Parton. When I ask Bailey why she choose this E-Track she said “I like Ms.Murray.’’ I also questioned Julia Mask who loves to draw! “Very fun, cool and awesome,” Julia Mask told me. Ms.Mask was drawing to country music! The last kid I interviewed was Camila M. who told me, “My favorite thing is music.” That day she was ripping up pieces of paper and making animals. Then I asked the teacher, Ms. Murray. "I want to make sure these kids knew about music they may never hear again (such as Kenny Rogers). I want them to learn about the king of pop!” (who is Michael Jackson). I then ask her why did you do this E-Track? “Every different kind of music gives a different feeling, and I want to open their minds to the different genres of music,” Ms.Murray told me. The room was full of energy and FUN, FUN AND MORE FUN!

Mrs. Dempsey's Water Color Painting by Wyatt Pfluger

Hi this is Wyatt Pfluger. I am part of the Robison Times. I am covering water coloring with Ms.Dempsey.The kindergarten students painted flowers and colorful rainbows. After making a small mess the teacher and her helper helps clean the mess. Then Ms.Dempsey reads a funny book, and by the time the excitement of the book is over, e-track comes to an end.

Well that's all I have to say today. PFLUGER over and out.

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Fun With Food by Luke Budge

These are quotes from students in this E-Track. Luke Maniha says, “ I just want to eat delicious treats and to have fun with my friends!” Also, another student Cade Young said, “ I like to taste other foods and I love to have lots of fun!” Now here are some things I have to say about "Fun With Food". I love this E-Track. I could have lots of fun in the E-Track. This is an E-Track I would recommend this to a lot of kids. This is an activity where you learn and have fun! Also if cooking is your hobby, this will be great for you! This has been Luke reporting on ‘Fun With Food’ for the Robison Times. Have a fantastic day!

Geo-Gami by Olivia Casassa

Some of the 5th graders at Robison chose Geo-Gami as their E-track, and they seem to be enjoying it. Last week, one of the 5th graders, Rowan McWhorter, says she will be scared next week “Because there’s clowns in the room.

Another 5th grader, Noah Falcon, said “I didn’t choose it… It chose me.” Peyton Kargel, another student, plainly just said “It’s hard.” He also has a reason why he joined this E-track. “I like art.” And that about wraps it up for this E-track, Geo-Gami.

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