February 3-5 Newsletter

Schoology Student Resources & QR Codes

Schoology QR Codes

Every second counts in an elementary classroom--ready to reduce the time it takes students to log into Schoology?

Schoology's newest QR Code feature allows students to use a device's camera to scan their personalized QR code to gain access to their Schoology account.

Student Acceptable Use Policy Reminder:

Please review the importance of account privacy if you choose to use the Schoology QR codes. It's important for students to keep their QR code to themselves and not share with any classmates or leave out around the classroom.

To Print Student QR Codes:

  1. Log into Schoology and go to one of your courses
  2. Select "Members" on the left side of the page
  3. On the right side of the page select "Print All QR Codes"
  4. If you need to reprint a specific student, select the gear icon next to the student's name on the Members page, then select "Print QR Code"

Students can use their QR code to log in to the Schoology app on an iPad, or laptop by selecting "Scan QR Code" on the login page.

Log into Schoology with Student QR Codes

Click here to view Schoology's tutorial on using QR codes.

Utilize Student Resources in Schoology

Model for students how to add files like images, videos, Keynote presentations, etc from their iPad or computer to Schoology without needing to email!

Within Schoology, students have a "Resources" tab, just like you do as a teacher. Within their Resources are group resources as well as Personal Resources. If students are working on different devices whether at home or school, using Schoology Resources is a nice spot for them to save their work and access from anywhere.

Watch the quick tutorial below, or follow these steps on an IPAD:

  1. Open the Schoology App and login
  2. In the left corner select the three horizontal bars icon
  3. Select Resources
  4. Select "Home"
  5. Select the (+) icon in the upper left corner
  6. Upload a photo/video with "Choose from Library", or "Select from iOS Apps" to access a file from your iPad.
  7. Select the green check
  8. You may need to hit the back arrow and go back into Home Resources to let it refresh and show your new upload.

Or follow these steps on a LAPTOP:

  1. Log into Schoology
  2. Select the Resources tab at the top of the page
  3. Select "Add Resource"
  4. Choose either a "file" or "link" and upload your work

Organization is key--have students create folders for their resources to help keep them organized! Note: folders can only be created from a web browser (not the Schoology app).

QUICK Schoology Resources Video for Student Use

Watch this brief tutorial to learn how you and your students can take advantage of the resources feature in Schoology to get files from one device to another without email!

Schoology Parent Access 101

Please continue to encourage your families to create a Parent Schoology Account to stay informed.

We have also compiled a parent resource that helps families to get acquainted with their Schoology Account. Please share that resource linked below with your families.

Schoology Parent Access 101

Click here to view a Parent Resource to get acquainted with navigating Schoology as a Parent

Schoology Parent Access Letter

Click here to view the Parent Communication Letter for Creating a Schoology Parent Account

New Schoology Guide Center

In the bottom left corner of your Schoology page, you will now see a blue button for the Schoology Guide Center to access the Help Center and Feature Announcements.

Instructional Technology Parent Night Resources

In early February we finished the last of our three Parent Instructional Technology Nights. We've compiled all of the resources that were provided to families during those events in the handout below. This includes information on digital citizenship, student research databases, Apple resources, and the presentation given.

Please feel free to share with your families so that they can better support their child at home.

Instructional Technology Parent Night Resources

Click here to view the presentation and all handouts that were provided to families.