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July 22, 2020


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Skyward Online Registration

If you have not completed online registration, please complete all steps as soon as possible. It is imperative that all of your information is accurate and up to date.

The email address you enter in Skyward is the contact used for school or district emails.

The phone number you enter in Skyward is used for school and district phonically and updates.

The information you enter in Skyward is used for distributing Possip surveys.

Skyward Link

If you need help finding your username or if you need a password reset, please email one of us...




This link is used to register for:

Sumner Virtual Academy

Jack Anderson Elementary, traditional enrollment

Sumner Virtual Academy, SVA

Sumner Virtual Academy enrollment has been extended through Sunday, July 26th.

If you have enrolled in SVA but would like to opt OUT, email tressa.sanders@sumnerschools.org

If you have enrolled your child at JAE for traditional school but would like to change, you should be able to make an adjustment until Sunday evening. If you have trouble email tressa.sanders@sumnerschools.org

If you have a Kindergarten student that was enrolled prior to July 15, 2020 and you would like to change the enrollment from traditional school to SVA, please email Tressa.sanders@sumnerschools.org

Sumner Virtual Academy Website

SVA Frequently Asked Questions

How to Complete Registration:

1. Register in Skyward https://sumnerschools.org/index.php/registration

2. Registration documents linked below:

Please print these and complete these documents.

McKinney Vento Form

Health Form

Acknowledgement Form

JAE Enrollment Card 2020 (please see the pdf below)

3. You will also need to provide to proofs of residency.

***If you registered your kindergarten student prior to July 15th, you have already provided proofs of residency, and we have copies. You have already completed 3 of the four forms above. You will only need to print and sign the acknowledgement form.

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Big picture

The Remainder of This Newsletter refers to traditional enrollment

Jack Anderson Elementary School Re-Entry Plan

Jack Anderson Elementary School Registration for Returning Students

1. Complete Skyward Online Registration


2. Print and complete these documents. Otherwise, you will need to complete them upon arrival.

McKinney-Vento Form

Health Form

JAE Enrollment Form -please print and complete the pdf below

3. Provide 2 proofs of residence. If you make copies ahead of time it will speed up the process.

See this link for information about proofs of residence. https://jae.sumnerschools.org/index.php/back-to-school-nights-registration

4. Attend on your assigned evening.

Students with last names A-K, attend JAE on 7-27-20 between 4:00-7:00.

Student with last names L-Z, attend JAE o n7-28-20 between 4:00-7:00.

Jack Anderson Elementary School Registration for Kindergarten or New Students

If you attended Kindergarten Registration in June or New Student Registration on July 22nd, you will come to JAE on your assigned evening to meet your child's teacher. You have already completed Skyward and the required documents.

Attend on your assigned evening.

Students with last names A-K, attend JAE on 7-27-20 between 4:00-7:00.

Student with last names L-Z, attend JAE o n7-28-20 between 4:00-7:00.

Jack Anderson Elementary Hybrid Schedule

Big picture
Big picture

Information from the SCBOE Meeting 7-21-20

*School will start on August 3rd

*Hybrid schedule will be used from Aug 3-14 unless we go into the red zone

*Extended hybrid will be used starting August 17th if needed. This allows PK-5 and CDC K-12 to attend 5 days per week with grades 6-12 staying on their original hybrid schedule. CDC is a specific group of students within our special ed department that have some of the greatest needs

*Face shields are being provided by the county for K-5 teachers, SPED, Speech/language, and deaf teachers

*Masks will be required for all visitors to our campuses

* Sumner Virtual Academy registration has been extended to July 26 (Sunday) at 8pm

*If you have already completed registration on Skyward and have changed your mind on which option you prefer you will need to email your student's principal to update the change

*The Board unanimously passed a resolution requesting the state waive all testing and teacher evaluations for the 2020-21 school year

*We updated our grading policy to reflect a change to how we do grading in elementary school. K-3 will remain on the standards based report cards but 4-5 will move to a traditional report card this year.

Clarifications that were made:

*A student may choose one option and change to the other only at their given break- 9 weeks for K-8. There may be special exceptions made but those will be evaluated on a case by case basis

Online Free & Reduced School Meals Application (Sumner County)

All School Supplies will be provided by sumner county schools this year