Little Eagles Football Camp

Special Guests:Drew Brees, Ray lewis, and Devin Hester

Our Camp

Our Camp brings in professional athletes and their teamates to show kids how to play the game of football right and be a leader on their team.

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Little Eagles Football Camp

Saturday, June 13th, 8pm to Monday, June 15th, 9pm

Milford, NE, United States

Milford, NE

June 13-June 15

Day by Day

June 13- Drew Brees will take the kids to show them how to run an offense as quarterback and his teamates will show how to block better, be a better reciever and running back.

June 14- Ray Lewis is going to show you how to run the defense at linebacker, the moves you can use to get to the quarterback and how to play in the secondary.

June 15- Devin Hester is going to show how to become a special teams master, he will teach how to return punts and kicks and what routes they should choose.