Computer Hardware

Second year ICT


A drive is used to store data when the computer is not in use. A drive is also the object you put something into, for example a DVD player, or a blue-ray media. A CD rom holds a lot less data, than, for example a solid state drive. A CD rom has a limited amount of data that can be stored; however a solid state drive can store a vast amount of information, which can get bigger and therefore store more annd more information.

RAM- Random Access Memory

The RAM stores the memory inside the computer . the more webpages, that are open, normally the slower the information is being prossed; however, it depends on the amount of RAM used, for example, the more RAM used, the faster and smoother the information on the computer is being processed

CPU-Central Processing Unit

the CPU is often called the prcesser, it is the performance of both the hardware and software, that rely on the processers performance. It controls the computer, and what it does, for example, it processes the information that is displayed on the monitor.


the motherboard, is the primary circit board inside the PC, and all the components connect to the motherboard. The conponents conected to the motherboard are all removeable in some way.