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May 2020

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A Reminder From The Registrar's Office

Outstanding Fees

Please pay all outstanding fees from the 19-20 school year (not next year's registration fees) by May 21, 2020. Any student accounts with outstanding fees after this date will incur a carry-over fee of $20. To check if you have an outstanding balance, you can email the Registrar at Fees can be paid either thru the Epay Illinois link on our website or by mailing your payment to Mrs. Krumlinde, 808 Adams St., Lockport, IL 60441.

Registration For School Year 2020-2021 Due by May 29

Registration for our returning students is now open on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The easiest way to register is to login using your Infinite Campus username and password. If you have not created a username and password, you can either email Mrs. Krumlinde at to get your activation code to set up your username and password or you can go thru the new student portal and enter all your information. See the Registration tab on the D91 webpage for all registration requirements. We are asking parents to be sure all our returning students are registered by May 29 since it is unknown if we will have an in-person registration day this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you will not be returning to D91 for the 2020-2021 school year, please email Mrs. Krumlinde at by May 29, to get the withdraw paperwork necessary to have student records sent to the new school.

Principal's Page

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

The final trimester of the 19-20 school year has presented our school community with a great many challenges. Your support is appreciated even as we all look forward to a return to normalcy. Your assistance in maintaining your child's skills and routine is valued more than you know!

The district will returning student belongings on Thursday, May 21st from 12-3pm and Friday, May 22nd from 8am-12pm. We will also be collecting back library books, textbooks, readers, borrowed recorders and books, and more on these days. Students are welcome to hold on to their Chromebook over the summer, so those do not need to be returned at this time (if transferring to another school, devices will need to be returned).

These pick up times are the same for Milne AND Kelvin, so you can finish up and one school and head to the other. At Milne, parents are asked to queue up using the car line that would normally be used for student pick up at the back of the school. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE; no one will be permitted to enter the school building. We will come out and collect the items you are returning AND provide you with your child's belongings.

There are two more meal pick up days before the end of the year; Thursday, May 14th and Monday, May 18th from 9am until 11am at Kelvin Grove Door 9 - just stop by KG Door 9 (by the playground). If your family would like more information about local sites that are offering a summer meals program, please visit:

You can also call Mrs. Koziol at 815-838-0542 x2104 for personal assistance, especially if your family is struggling with food insecurity.

Please remember that though we are still apart, you are not alone. The Milne Grove faculty and staff remains ready and willing to assist your family.


Mrs. Koziol

Notes From the Nurse

Healthy Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System

Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Following general good-health guidelines is the single best step you can take toward naturally keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies such as these:

  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables

  • Be active--exercise regularly

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Get adequate sleep

  • Take steps to avoid infection--wash your hands frequently

  • Stop smoking/banish second-hand smoke

  • Try to minimize stress

General healthy-living strategies are a good way to start giving your immune system the upper hand. Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe! Have a great summer!



Mrs. Gilkerson, RN

The Latest from the LRC

A Personal Note:

What a strange end to the year this has been. I have truly loved working with your children and am saddened that I will not be able to bid them a proper goodbye this year, especially our third graders. I am hopeful for a normal start to the school, and can’t wait to see the kids. Please tell them I will miss them dearly.

Book Notes:

School administrators will be setting up a day for parents to drive up to the school to return items and pick up your child’s belongings. This will be the time to return any library books your child has checked out. Most kindergarten students have one book, and most 1-3 students should have two - please try to locate these beforehand if you can. If you have any questions, you may contact me at . If you are unable to locate your child’s books, you may always send them back in August.


Six Flags Tickets These will be distributed via parent email sometime in May to students who earned them. As I understand it, the vouchers will not have dates on them - those will be announced as we see how the state opens back up.

White Oak Summer Reading:

Keep your kids, and yourself, reading over the summer – join the public library’s Summer Reading Programs for kids, teens and adults. We don’t know what this program will look like yet, but they are planning to do something. Find more info at I will give a free book, 10 Character Coupons and a special lunch party to all students who show me their completion certificate in the fall!

Milne Grove Summer Reading:

I will add the free reading website info, and also our enrichment websites, that are now in my Google Classroom to my webpage for the summer, so be sure to check there as well.

Mrs. Tumino ~ 815-838-0542, x2122 Follow me on Twitter!

Greetings from Mrs. Draper!

Dear Families,

As we round up this year, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has made this “end of the year” possible. I know that it has not been easy for many of us, but we all have stepped up to the challenge and made it work! I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback on many of the different remote learning lessons students have been engaging in. With that being said, I am going to make it my top priority to make the final PE lessons, mimic the end of the year activities we love to participate in!

As a reminder, starting April 6th, your child has been responsible for 2 PE assignments each week. If participation falls below 75%, the engagement grade is “incomplete”. Any child who receives an incomplete at the end of the year will be required to make up the work. All late work is accepted! If your child is missing any PE assignments, once they complete it, I receive an email and will update their grade as soon as possible. If you have any questions about your child’s PE engagement grade, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you again for making it all possible. I cannot wait to see everyone in the Fall, when I return from my maternity leave.

-Mrs. Draper

3rd Grade


  • Please continue reading with your child at home to help them grow in their fluency and comprehension.

  • Please check your child’s Google Classroom under ELA for assignments.


  • Students will continue to work on math concepts we have already covered during the school year.

  • Please check your child’s Google Classroom under Math for assignments.

  • Please continue to work with your student on fact fluency for multiplication and division. They need to work on accuracy as well as speed when practicing their facts. If you would like additional resources for fact practice, please visit the third grade page under math.

  • You can use the Go Math link to review lessons at home and assist with concept questions. Go Math Website

Science/Social Studies:

  • Students should read the Scholastic News and complete the activity to accompany it. They have all week to complete this.

Thank you for all your hard work with your child during this time. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns! Please check parent square and Google Classroom for updates from the district and your child’s teacher.

Thank you,

The Third Grade Team

Third Grade Website

Mrs. Georgopulos, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Lyons, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Steed, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Jerz, Math Aide,

2nd Grade

During the remainder of May we will work on double digit subtraction with and without regrouping. Students will be working on comparing and contrasting stories in reading.

As our school year comes to an end, the second grade teachers would like to thank you for your continued support. We hope you have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Bolte, 2nd grade teacher,

Miss Podwika, 2nd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Jerz, Math Aide,

1st Grade

Superkids Reading Program:

  • Read fluently and understand the importance of reading a conversation with expression

  • Discovering the sound that “soft c” makes

  • Discovering the sound that “soft g” makes

  • Alphabetize words

Language and Writing:

  • Continue practicing writing complete sentences with the correct ending marks

  • Adverbs with -ly

GO Math:

  • Three-Dimensional Geometry

  • Make objects and larger shapes from other shapes

  • Two-Dimensional Geometry

Social Studies:

  • Comparing our Country’s past to its present

  • Memorial Day

The First Grade Team

Mrs. O'Halloran, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Stanly, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Jerz, Math Aide,


April Showers should now be done, and hopefully May flowers will be on their way!

Thank you so much for your continued support in your new role as teacher. We are consistently amazed by the quality of work that is getting turned in!

The Kindergarteners have worked hard this school year to add, subtract, count to 100 by tens and ones, read, write and compare numbers and quantities to 20, learn the letters and their sounds, our memory words and blending sounds to read and write words. We are including links to help you keep your student's skills ready for First Grade.

The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Adams -

Mrs. Preboy -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Jerz, Math Aide,

Early Learners Preschool

Early Learners

Upcoming Events:

Week of May 4th – The Early Learners will discuss their special parents and create special Mother’s Day gifts. They will also discuss their special families and who the members of their families are before creating family portraits. The Early Learners will also review sorting, shapes, and patterns.

Week of May 11th - The Early Learners will review the letters of the alphabet. They will try and identify all the letters in their own names. The Early Learners will also review the concepts of measuring and counting. They will demonstrate how high they can count and if they know who is tall and who is short.

Week of May 18th - Celebration Week -

Monday, May 18th Beach Day

Tuesday, May 19th Camping Day

Wednesday, May 20th Picnic Day

Thursday, May 21st Field Day

Dates to Remember:

Remote Learning Days

Monday, May 4 - Thursday, May 7

Monday, May 11- Friday, May 15

Monday, May 18- Thursday, May 21

Thursday, May 21st Final Day of Remote Learning (Last Day of School)

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to ALL the Early Learner family members who volunteered in the classroom, at home, on field trips, at family fun events, and for parties. Thank you also for helping your Early Learner learn at home with the remote learning activities. Your help and support was greatly appreciated this school year! The Milne Grove Early Learners staff would like to wish ALL the Early Learner families a safe, well, and fun summer!

The PK Team

Miss Robin, PK Teacher,

Miss Sonya, Bilingual Liaison,

Miss Ginte, PK aide,

Parent Resources

The Speech Spot with Mrs. Barker

Distance Speech/Language Therapy-Thoughts from Mrs. Barker

Conducting speech/language therapy over the internet was never on my Bucket List, but a Pandemic has changed that. I must admit the first thought that crossed my mind was, “I can’t do that!” But 7 weeks and over 120 zoom meetings later I have survived, thanks to supportive and amazing students, parents, co-workers and administrators. I have made many mistakes, cried a few tears, and said a few unpleasant words, but I have also learned that kids are kids no matter where they are. The ones that could sit still for 30 minutes for a speech therapy session at school are able to do the same at home. The ones that need more support, require even more encouragement when faced with on screen instruction. I’ve witnessed extreme perseverance from your children who continue to want to communicate despite difficulties joining zoom meetings, bad internet connections and learning activities which feel unfamiliar. Just today, I was zooming with a second grade student and my computer shut down, (it helps to make sure it is plugged into the wall when the power says “low”). I fumbled and mumbled, and after a few minutes was able to start my zoom meeting again, and there was the student, with a big grin on her face, waiting for me to return. My favorite part of distance learning has been the end of each session where I give students the opportunity to share. I have learned the names of all the Paw Patrol characters, OMG Girls, LOL Pets, Sneak Attack Squad and dinosaurs I never knew existed. This has reminded me that all of us have something to say and we just want to be heard. And that is what speech/language therapy is all about!

At the end of this school year, I will be retiring from a 37 year career as a Speech & Language Pathologist. Distance speech/language therapy has been an unexpected but memorable ending to my career. Some parts I won’t miss, but I will miss your children. Thank you for sharing them with me!

Judy Barker

Milne Grove Speech/Language Pathologist

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Relationship Roundup with Mrs. Reynolds

The Summer of Stay at Home Restrictions

As remote learning comes to an end, our feelings of uncertainty don’t. No, the uncertainty continues into summer. It’s important to understand that each of us may have similar thoughts and feelings about the restrictions in place. We also may have very different thoughts and feelings about what summer will bring.

The primary goal of “Mindfulness” is to be in the moment without judgement. To think that thought or feel that feeling without immediately deciding what to do with it. That is the beginning of self awareness. (It is also the first goal that the Illinois State Board of Education lists for Social and Emotional Learning Standards.)

As parents we so often want to protect our children from the disappointment of canceled activities or the worry that comes with uncertainty. It is important for our children to have some space to feel their feelings and think their thoughts. Ask them “What are some of your feelings?” Then ask them, “What else do you feel?” Let them explain. They may feel something that goes along with your feelings. They may have a completely different emotion. Give them time to figure it out. Be a safe person for a child to share his/her feelings. It’s important that your child feels safe, especially now with the public health crisis.

It is helpful that children label their feeling. If they can name it, it helps develop their self awareness even more. Here’s a short list of some ‘feelings vocabulary:’ happy, excited, accepted, loved, calm, afraid, certain, embarrassed, rejected, proud, confident, curious, worried, scared, nervous, frustrated, nervous, surprised, lonely, disappointed, confused.

The next step is the self-management that needs to go along with our feelings and thoughts. Many skills were developed during the social emotional lessons at Milne Grove this year. Ask your child if he/she remembers any of the strategies or skills he/she learned in Morning Mindfulness. Some of the students’ favorites were hot chocolate breath, moving their bodies to music and being aware of how the music made them feel, and visualizing a positive place. We all need strategies for ‘taking a moment’ to decide what to do with our feelings. We are self regulated when we don’t let feelings dictate what we do and say. Instead we pay attention to the situation and make a decision about what is the best thing to do or say right now.

Please take time this summer to talk with your child about thoughts and feelings. Watch movies and read books together and talk about the emotions the characters experience. “What did the character feel?” “How could you tell?” “Did the character make a good decision about what to do with that feeling?”

Your children learn so much from you! You provide them connection and love. People can’t learn anything without having connection and safety. Your family is your child’s place of belonging. Enjoy spending time together this summer! Have fun in new and creative ways!

~Mrs. Reynolds


815.838.0542 ext. 2103

Milne Grove Technology, Music, and Art

The Milne Grove teachers of Technology, Music, and Art would like to again thank students and parents for the continued support and effort in maintaining our treasured connections throughout our remote learning at Milne Grove. We have noticed great response and we are thrilled to hear that our activities have been fun and engaging.

Most importantly, we are so proud of your amazing efforts to continue the learning process at home. We all are here to answer questions, offer ideas, share inspiration, or just talk about your experiences. Although we miss seeing your children each day, we are so glad we can connect remotely. Please let your child know our daily thoughts are with them and we are excited to connect again soon.

Thank you,

Mrs. Cravens (Art)

Mrs. Randolph (Music)

Mrs. Lakics (Tech)

*When emailing, be sure to include first and last name, grade, and homeroom in email.

Optional FREE Music Experiences + Check Music Home Page:

FREE ONE DAY BROADWAY EVENTS - Broadway has been offering a limited number of FREE viewing events of Broadway shows like Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, and more to come. Type in FREE Broadway Shows or click the link below to find when and what shows are being shown. NOTICE: Parents need to check for age appropriate shows.

FREE Rialto Organ Concerts (We Thank the Rialto and The Joliet Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts - JATOE for their continued support of our D91 music & organ students) - Let’s help them out.