Acadia National Park

Thing you need too know

What to bring

There are so many thing you will need too pack so i will start here. 1 You will need snake repel there are so many snakes here most are poison's. 2 Hiking gear Acadia has one of the best hiking place. 3 Bring your dog too they have hiking with you're dog. 4 Bring also a sleeping bag there is camping camera there are lots of animals to take pictures of all of this stuff is what you need.

Here are some animals

Wolfs Bears Egals and the animal they see the most of in Acadia is the foxes
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The people

The people that live here are the wabinaski they were a long time about 12,000 years ago

Camping at Acadia National Park

There are some thing you bring to camp and somethings that are NOT ALLOWED. like a type of wood because there are some insect that will be attracted to the wood and in danger Acadia national park.

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