Resources for Teachers

By: Mary Kate Duffy


Instablogg is a website that allows you to create and post blogs without making an account or logging in. It's a simple, easy way to get information to your students.


Cacoo is a site that allows you to create a variety of maps and diagrams that you can share with your students. You can create site maps, flow charts, mind maps and many others.

Read the Words

Read the Words is a site where you can convert text to audio. This would be extremely beneficial to students who struggle with reading because they can create an audio clip that they can listen to while they read. You can convert entire files to audio text for students to use!


FlockDraw allows students to create artwork online. It also works like GoogleDocs in that students can work together on the same picture from separate computers at the same time. This would be beneficial for language arts and science classes for students. It makes group work much more manageable.

My Story Maker

My Story Maker is a website that allows students to create and tell their own stories. They can create characters, settings, plot lines and more through the site and then share the story with others using the embed code on the site. It allows students to be creative in a unique way.


ClipGenerator is a site that allows students to create videos. They can choose background music, photos and clips to include in their videos and they can share it in many ways. They can use an embed code, they can upload to youtube, or they can save and email it. It would be a great resource for presentations or other projects.

Lovely Charts

Lovely Charts is a site that allows you to create professional looking charts and diagrams very easily. You can organize them in a variety of ways and create unique, helpful, and easy to use charts in minutes. The program comes in three forms: desktop, online, and iPad which makes it very accessible for all students.


EasyDefine is a website that you can use for almost every subject in an elementary classroom. You type in a list of words separated by a comma, and the website generates a list of definitions for every word on the list. This could be used in a variety of ways, and it's a good way for students to do research quickly and easily.


Use Prezi to create slideshows of different materials to use in the classroom. You can create slides with text and with pictures, so it's incredibly easy to use. This program can be used in a variety of ways and it allows students to create projects and present them in a simple way that even the youngest students can complete. This program is useful for people of all ages.


Flisti is a program that allows someone to create a poll or survey which you can then embed onto another blog or site. This could be something fun for classes to use at the beginning of a lesson as a type of formative assessment, so the teacher could see what the students already know. The students could also create surveys to ask their peers. There are a wide variety of uses for this program.


ThingLink is a site that allows you take an image and put links to other resources on that image. This can be very useful for language arts or social studies. You could create one very easy way for students to learn about a historical event or a piece of literature by linking background information and other details to one image. I think the students could have a lot of fun using this tool in class.


Meograph is a site that lets people create videos and share them. You can include video, text, images, and maps. You can also record audio to play on top of the images which allows for much more freedom than some other programs. Students could make presentations or complete group projects quite easily with this program and I think they would think that this was a new and different way of doing a project. This could be used in almost every subject in a wide variety of ways.


Remind101 is a communication program where you can set up a classroom account and send text messages out to parents and students. The site does not give out phone numbers, so you will never see the families phone numbers and they will never see yours. They cannot reply either so it's a one way communication style, but it's an easy way to send out reminders for tests or projects that are due, permission slips, or messages if you have an emergency substitute or snow day. I think this program will be very useful in the classroom and will solve a lot of confusion and accountability issues that some classes have.
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