Traditional & Modern Biotechnology

By: Samaya, Tyler, Cade, Andrew

Traditional Biotechnology

Manipulation of whole organisms ○ Traits of plants and animals ○ Selective breeding ● Does not Fuse Cells ○ Individual cells are not changed ● Works with Nature ○ Ex: Fermentation ● Trial and Error ○ Especially at the beginning ○ Identify specific products and extract them.

Modern Biotechnology

Manipulation of genetic material ○ Controlling DNA ● Fusion of Cells ○ Putting together two cells to make one cell ● Beyond breeding barriers ○ Unnatural and outside of Nature ● Targeted and controlled ○ Identify specific genes ○ Use controlled experiments to change genes or move into another cell.

The Similarities

  1. Selective breeding
  2. Mutagenesis
  3. DNA
  4. Engineering
Watch EcoR1 at work. Animation by Howard Hughes Medical Institute.