The Summit Weekly

By Ella Imboden and Amy Lambe

Dorset Boy Kidnapped

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Last night, there was a report of the kidnapping of Johnny Dorset, son of Ebenezer Dorset, at his house two miles away from the Summit. The Dorset boy was taken from his house after sundown. The boy is described by locals as a fearsome and mischievous troublemaker. The Dorset boy was last seen outside of his house throwing rocks at what we think were kittens. Witnesses claim that they saw two men approach the boy showing him a bag of candy and pointing to their vehicle. They say that the boy didn’t take the candy, but instead threw a brick at one of the men. Others say they saw the men struggling to get the boy in their buggy, but minutes later drove away with the boy. It is believed that the boy is being held for ransom. We don’t know if or when he will be returned. But the real question is, will Ebenezer Dorset pay the ransom?