News from 5th Grade!

A few ideas to prepare students for 5th Grade.

Dear Parents,

5th Grade team would like to share with parents how excited we are about the class of 2025! We are sending a note to parents to share out opportunities to help students prepare for 5th Grade. We hope to make the transition to 5th Grade an exciting one! Please feel free to send an e-mail to one of the 5th grade teachers if you have any questions! Our team looks forward to meeting you!

5th Grade teachers include...

Adria Marcum

Vanessa Thorne

Melanie Gilliland

We would like to invite you to Summer School?

Mrs. Marcum. Mrs.Thorne and I plan to teach summer school and we would love to get to know our upcoming 5th graders. Summer school is a great opportunity for your child to acclimate himself to learning through technology and have a great time preparing for the 5th Grade year!

We plan to have a fun summer and would love to see you there!

Click here to register for summer school!

Websites that are helpful, educational, and won't feel like work.


Students forget a lot over the summer and these programs will help keep them ready for school if they practice just a few times a week. All the sites below are free!!

X-tra Math- This is one of the best places to practice math addition, subtraction, multiplication tables , and division tables.

Epic- Is a fun place for kids to pick a book and read.

Prodigy- Is a fun game for kids to practice Math. They will love this and is won' feel like practice. They can continue to practice 4th grade Math, that will help a lot.

News ELA - Gives students an opportunity to read about whats going on and has questions that will help with comprehension.

Front Row- Practice in reading, writing, and math that is set up like a game.

Please e-mail me with questions.

Have a great summer!