Captain America The Winter Solider

By: Madison Strauch Block:8

General Plot

Synopsis: Captain America The Winter Solider is about Steven Rogers and what he is doing after the Avengers movie. Eventually S.H.I.E.L.D. is found out to have been compromised by Hydra and has been ever since they started. Cap and Black Widow go on the run when they don't give up information to Hydra Shield agents about Fury's death. Cap runs in with his past from over 70 years ago when he faces his best friend from before when he was frozen.

Example: Steve Rogers sees Bucky Barnes alive after he watched him fall to his death over 70 years ago.

Impact: This impacted Steve because it made him question a lot of what he thought he knew. This impacted me as a viewer because it made you give sympathy for both Steve and Bucky wanting to know the story behind it.

Characters and Actors

Falcon: Sam Wilson is so cool and he is one of the best guys in the entire Marvel Universe cause he is so willing to wholeheartedly follow what he believes is right and is just an over all amazing character. Falcon was in the army and was in a special branch of the army that gives him abilities like no other.

The Winter Solider: I find Bucky very interesting as well because his backstory is slowly released over time he is so lost and hurt and you can't help but care for him. Bucky under went intense testing and brainwashing and is very lost in this world that he has been living but was treated like an animal and was only allowed on missions. That which after they took place he was brainwashed.


This movie is very well planned out. It has some of the best camera angles and visuals i have seen in an action movie and especially a Marvel movie. One time a visual struck me was the during the first time you saw the Winter Solider and you couldn't quite see the Bucky through the windshield and it slowly got in focus. I don't exactly know why but it is one of my favorite moments in the entire movie.


Captain America is rated PG-13 for the action scenes and violence and gun play.

A lot of people go and see Marvel movies. From people who just love the Cinematic franchise to people who read the comics.


For people who don't really like action movies this might not be the best for them obviously. I wouldn't say that it is really far fetched and totally unbelievable but you will definitely have to be familiar with the plot of some of the other Marvel movies. You don't have to know everything about them but some background on Captain America and the Avengers would benefit the viewing experience. This is seen as a downside to most Marvel movies because you need background information to fully understand.


According to Rotten Tomatoes, The Winter Solider got a 7.8 out of 10 and 92% of people who rated it liked the film. Winter Solider makes you emotionally connect to someone in the film. You feel bad for Steve and for Bucky, and you go through their journey of discovering partially of what happened to Bucky and how he is still alive and young. I am a reliable because, I have seen this movie 4 times in theaters in the first month in came out. I have seen it too many times to count since it came out on iTunes and have watched many interviews with the cast.