Preschool News


All About the Week

We have had a fun week here in Preschool. We focused on animals that live in the Arctic (so the north pole). Some of the animals we learned about included: arctic fox, snowy owl, narwhals, and polar bears. On Friday we did a fun science experiment that showed us how arctic animal's blubber keeps them warm. During letter time we met Mimi Mouse and learned all about the letter M. In math we were introduced to our 3D shapes including: sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramid, and cube.

Below our pictures of the students using our new projector and board the classroom received. This fall I wrote a grant through a program called for a new Epson projector that would turn my board into an interactive surface. 3M of Knoxville donate $2500 to that page and allowed our classroom to receive this awesome piece of technology! The students love it! It allows us to do lots of learning in a more 21st century way! So if you need some command hooks, go out and support 3M!! :)


- Monday 18th- teacher work day -no school
- Please send back conference time RSVPs, so I can get everyone scheduled
-Keep sending snow stuff :)
- Thanks to everyone who donated some items of our classroom wishlist!