Хобби - Module Ten

November 1, среда - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

Что делать в средy?

  • Today, on Wednesday, we work in Module Ten Хобби.
  • Start reviewing the vocabulary from Monday. You have to practice vocabulary at least 10-15 min daily. It is important to listen to the recording, do quizlet activities, say words out loud yourself.
  • Proceed to Module Ten Lesson Two Expressing Likes in Russian. Also, see information about likes below.

  • Attend your Conversation sessions.

New Expressions: More about saying "I like ..." in Russian

To say "I like" in Russian we use the verb "любить". You all remember that we have to conjugate Russian verbs. In other words we have to use different form with different subject of the sentence. Today we will practice saying what you like to do as a hobby. Pay attention at the sentence structure with two verbs: The verb "like" has to be conjugated when the other verb that says what you like to do has to be in the infinitive form.

Practice the expressions below with the recording:

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Kudos to student who have the highest grade of "100" in this course according to the Progress report I sent to schools yesterday:
Chiril P.

Cayden W.

James Su.

Michael Z.

Cabrielle C.

I got a great question from Rhegan Jones: in Russian cursive, do letters have to connect? - Yes, they do. See some of the video demonstration that show how to write in Russian cursive. You can practice with it.
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