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Sneakers Employee Newsletter #3

Sneakers Olympics Tomorrow!

We lucked out with a beautiful day on the horizon tomorrow!! Let the Games Begin! North Beach, 3:00. We'll be beyond the playground area, sort of near the paddleboard rental place. Look for a blue pop-up tent. Games starting at 4:30 PM, and they are some amazing games. Bring that competitive spirit, since OF COURSE - there will be prizes.

We are providing the basics - burgers, dogs, chicken, drinks. Please help out with a side or dessert of some kind if you're able. Thanks!

Notes from Front of House Staff Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting last week. It's always a productive conversation that puts us all on the same page. As it gets busier, it's critical for us to communicate with each other. Here's some highlights:

  • Please do not run each other's credit cards on the weekends. When you accidentally run it under the wrong server number, that Server not only loses out on the tip - but the ENTIRE BILL! If it's unavoidable to run a card, at least let the Server know so they can check & make sure it was done with the right Server #.
  • Never be empty handed walking around the restaurant. It's too busy to make wasted trips.
  • The Food Runner role is to run food when the server is NOT ABLE to. The Food Runner is not there to run everyone's food all day long. Servers - please run your own food whenever possible. It's best for the Food Runner to stay in the window to manage the flow of food & be the only one communicating with the Kitchen.
  • Don't Get Your Feelings Hurt. When it's busy, there's lots of shorthand speak & direct communications. It's the nature of the beast, nothing personal.
  • Bar Support. These are the automatic things anyone can do to help out the bar --- Stack glasses, Get Ice, Brew Coffee. Please also ask what the Bartender needs from downstairs. Bartenders should have a running list all day of what others can grab for them.
  • Support Staff - who should I support? Although you're there to help out everyone, please make Section 1 and the Outside Section your priority. The 2 Front Sections are somewhat less busy & more able to help each other. The Outside Section often gets left out of the Support network altogether.
  • Please limit the time you spend chatting with customers when it's busy. Yes, it's part of our charming neighborhoody customer service, but please recognize that someone else is picking up your slack while you're being charming.
  • It's TRUE! Those sunglasses in the stairwell were door prizes at the Staff Meeting & your generous co-workers donated them to the Outdoor Section Server - whomever it may be!

Your Pretty Hair

There have been 3 Comps for "Hair in Food" in the last month. Ewwwww.

PLEASE restrain your hair.

This applies to both Front of House and Kitchen.

Summer Menu!

Yes, there are 2 spelling errors. Can you find them?

It's not worth a reprint, but please let us know if you find errors that ARE worth a reprint! There is a summary of changes floating around if you haven't seen it yet. A couple things worth noting:

  • We can still do the Turkey Benedict even though it's no longer on the menu. Too many Benedict options on the menu = too many Benedicts ordered = Line Cook on Benedicts is overloaded. That's why we removed it.
  • Price increases demand awesomeness of product. Let's make it awesome! We deserve top dollar; Customers deserve awesomeness.

Check It

You may notice an effort by Managers to use Line Opening and Closing Checklists, and trying to be more organized and precise with the direction of our efforts. It's that time of year when it's critical the place is set up for the next round of beatings. Thank you for your part in keeping the place ready to go.
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