My True Color: Gold

Samantha Fry 2nd

In Childhood

Growing up I was always respectful and knew to follow rules at home and school. I always knew to respect authority, adults, my parents, etc. It was very easy for me to adapt to my education system.


In relationships I am traditional, conservative views of both love and marriage. I tend to find my self with people who can work along with me, building secure relations with one another. I also demonstrate admiration for the things I do for the people I love.


At any kind of work I provide stability and can maintain organization. My ability to handle details and to work hard makes me the backbone of many organizations/school events that I choose to participate in. Although I like to have fun I believe that finishing my work comes before play.

Leadership Style

As a leader I expect people to do there best and not do a have asked job. Some major things I look for are: punctuality, order, loyalty, assume the right way to do things, rules oriented, and expect people to do there part in things.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

Some things that show I have had a bad day include: anxiety, worry, fatigue, Malicious judgments about myself or others, and Authoritarianism and phobic reactions.