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October 1st We Welcomed Students!

One of the best days of the year so far. On October 1st we welcomed students back in the building. Now that we have been back in school for 3 weeks, it feels like we have hit our stride. We are working hard to keep everyone healthy in an effort to get to full day hybrid learning!

Recess Equipment

I am sure it isn't hard to imagine the difficulties of having recess in a time of social distancing. We are so lucky to have our custodians who marked spaces in each recess area 6ft. apart so students could safely sit and eat their snacks. We still would like students to have fun at recess and in particular, get some movement in! We just received our first shipment of recess equipment that was ordered at the start of the year.

We chose items that could be used by students individually and at a safe distance such as bubbles, pinwheels, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, magnifying glasses, etc.

Thank you for the donations we received of recess equipment as well. If you would like to donate, please don't hesitate to either send something in with your child or drop it off at the front of the school on the cart at the front door!

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Outdoor Movement and Individual Play Spaces

I am looking to create some additional individualized play areas in each of our three recess areas around the building. There have been numerous schools who have developed outdoor sensory learning areas which are great for students to get in some fun, movement, and to work the bugs out before getting back to learning! If you are interested in helping with this project and you know your way around a spray paint can (no questions asked!) please contact me at ktrue@dcrsd.org.
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Upcoming Events

Haunting on the Hill

Are you looking for a safe way to celebrate Old Hallows Eve this year? Look no further than our local High School! Please support the Shepherd Hill National Honor Society students as they provide a safe environment for your children go trick or treating - in the car! See below for more information.
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Junior Crusaders Youth Hockey League

Join the 28 session Girls Hockey Development Clinic beginning November 1st. Please see below for more details.
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Additional Information from the Junior Crusaders Youth Hockey League

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DES Student Health Questionnaire: Right Now We are at Approximately 40% of Families Participating Daily. Let's See if We Can Get to 60% This Week!