How to make toffee stuffed cupcakes

by kyle patton

Today I will show you how to make toffee stuffed cupcakes, before

I show you, you will need the ingredients and materials that will shown below.


Toffee (5 grams)
Cup Cake mix (10 grams)
Butter (Spoon Full)
2 Eggs

Big Bowl
Cupcake -pan

Step 1. You will need to grab your cupcake mix and poor 10 grams
into a bowl.
Step 2. Crack the egg’s into a cup and remove the shells, once you have
done that poor that into your bowl.
Carefully poor your mix into your cupcake pan.
Step 3. Once you have done that, heat up the microwave and time it for 10
seconds and then grab your toffee and place it in your spare bowl.
WARNING (Never Put In a plastic bowl or it might EXPLODE!)
Once you have done that place it into the microwave.
Step 4. Heat up the toffee, once it is melted
place it in the centre of your mix.
Step 5. Heat up your oven and place your mix in there, set it on 70 degrees
Leave it in there for about 5 minutes.
after it is done place it on the bench to cool down you can add sprinkles on the top with a dash of chocolate or,a cherry on top Cherry,Sprinkles,Icing,Candle or ice-cream.