The Wong shower stall


Wong Enterprise

Wong Enterprise has been around since 1969. We are a luxury craftsmen ship company building bathroom appliances to the highest of quality. From this time we have been rated one of the best bathroom appliance companies in the world. Our company is based in Berlin Germany and is founded by a man named Simon Wong, to this day we create high class luxurious shower stalls for anyone all over the world. Our new product THE WONG SHOWER a great innovations taking shower stalls to a whole new level. The Wong shower stall has very durable materials making it available to use in any environment. Furthermore the Wong shower stall is absolutely beautiful having arithmetic tiling to artistic abstract features that making it a piece of hand crafted art by itself. Therefore you should buy Wong shower stall for the great price of $1499.99 that will last a lifetime with a lifetime warranty.

The Wong Shower Stall

  • arithmetic style flooring
  • soft cushion tiles
  • cabin wood pine walls
  • sliding crystal door with artistic abstract design!
  • titanium sliding door mechanism
  • high quality copper compressed water pipes
  • titanium hydro shower head with artistic abstract design!