Organic Molecules

By: Jesse Bowman


Carbohydrates have a 1:2:1 ratio of C,H,O. It is a monosaccharide and glucose (sugar). The function of carbohydrates is the main source of energy for living things. You can get carbohydrates from pasta, sweet tea, potatoes, apples, and other sugary foods.


Lipids have no ratio but they are mostly made of carbon and hydrogen. They are mad up of fatty acids and glycerol. Lipids are used for long term energy storage, cell membranes, and insulation. Examples of lipids are fats, oils, and waxes. You can get lipids from red meat and cooking oils.


Proteins have carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. They are made up of amino acids. It has our storage structure, it signals contraction, and transports defense enzymes. You can get proteins out of meats and beans. Proteins are also found in spider webs, hairs, and your finger nails.

Nucleic Acids

Nucleic Acids have carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus. They are made up of nucleotides. They carry our information about our heredity, it has information to help cells make proteins. You cannot get nucleic acids from food but they are found in DNA and RNA.