Reading Rules

For the week of 1/11/16

This week in reading....

This week we began our unit on Freckle Juice. To start we looked at the cover and the title and predicted what the story might be about. Each day this week we read a chapter, discussed what happened and answered a comprehension question in our journals. We also created a cause and effect piece with the my story app, a timeline of chapters 1 & 2 with the the read write think app, and a trading card of one of the characters with the trading card app. The class worked really hard on these small group activities as these were brand new apps. We also have worked hard on reading the book as it is quite challenging. Next week we will wrap up the unit.
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We read chapters one and two of Freckle Juice and created a timeline!

We created an advertisement for a made up toy!

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We made a trading card based on one of the characters in the book.

We also created a cause and effect video using my story.