The Akkadian Empire

Sara L, Rebecca, Dylan, Caleb, Jasmine, & Hunter

During what time did this empire rule?

2300 BCE to about 50 years after that.

Who were the major leaders of this empire?

The major leaders of this empire include Sargon and his grandson King Naram-Sin.

How was the government of this empire set up?

King Sargon kept control of his empire by destroying the walls of cities making sure governors of city-states were loyal to him and being the first king to invoke hereditary rule. The Akkadian empire was the world's first empire with the city of Agade as the capital, and cities were built with money and goods collected from the people he conquered. Akkadia was divided into city-states, with the ensi traditionally being the highest functionary. Sargon ruled with mighty power, his jurisdiction felt across a wide range.

What was the religion of this empire?

Akkadians worshipped the Sumerian's gods and goddesses with different names (polytheism). Kings continued to rule in the name of the divine beings. Their gods had many human attributes as well.

What were the major acheivements of this empire?

The Akkadians' achievements included creating their own language, well-crafted 3-D sculptures (one famous example being Victory Stele), and the greatest being creating the world's first empire.

How did these achievements impact the Akkadian Empire?

These achievements affected them by improving the empire and being ways to celebrate military victories(as the Victory Stele showed King Naram-Sin dominating his enemies).

What is the culture like in this empire?

The Akkadians were well known for their art (they carved relief sculptures on stones, craftsmen being an occupation), and Agade became one of the richest and most powerful cities in the world, a prominent cultural center due to its beautiful temples and palaces.

When did this empire end?

The Akkadian empire fell to new invaders about 200 years after its inception (2500 BCE).

How did this empire end?

King Sargon had originally hoped for his empire to last for a thousand years, but later kings found it extremely difficult to rule such a large territory, causing the gradual fall from power. After about 200 years, the Akkadian Empire fell to invaders from the north.

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