What a GREAT time was had at Grace Life over the last couple of weeks!

The Church@Grace Life hosted the Grace Walk Leadership Summit on the weekend of Oct. 25. Led by Steve McVey, this conference brought leaders of grace from throughout the world into our community. That conference ushered in Grace Life's own convergence of grace with "The Rendezvous" conference which included pastors and lay leaders who are eager to help the people in their community recognize and learn more about the extravagant grace of God and how that can look in the role of making disciples. Wow. What a rich group of people and topics! And THEN, as if that was not enough, we shared in "Finding Yourself", a women's conference designed by Laurie Troublefield, Retha Bradenhorst and Nicole Mager (from Barbados) which was a glorious reminder to us all that we need only look to the Christ in us to find ourselves. Thank you to all who helped in all of these! If you weren't able to attend any of these, you missed some great conversations, but we plan to have more in the future.


November always bring a time to recognize our blessings maybe even more than we usually do. To complement that, we are having our Round Table Pot Luck luncheon the Sunday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 24th). Grace Life will bring some Turkey and Ham, so please bring a friend and your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes. It will be a feast!

Yes! Christmas is coming!

Don't panic. We already have the Gift! But many have started wringing their hands about certain people that they can't find anything for. Here are a few ideas from some of our own.

Jill Blue has some extra time since Desmond has gone to Kuwait and has some great packages of photo shoots you can choose from for gifts or Christmas cards. Also, for the "hard to buy for" people, you could get them a personalized, one-of-a-kind T-shirt from Lauren FitzPatrick. Her "FitzTees" plan can make you a shirt of any size with just about anything you want to put on it.....and for a really good price. These ladies work hard to help their families and they will work hard to help you, too. Just check with them about prices and time frames...

These Spoelstra's are quite creative! How does God do that?

Herb and Tracy Sims want to invite you to all of these activities. Come and join the family!