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Welcome to Alumni, Boards & Communities a blog & newsletter providing engagement theory, techniques & tactics for building your base.

Many of you know me well and have talked or met with me over the past two years. After hearing many of the questions and concerns from development and engagement professionals I launched a blog to answer some of these questions. I hope that this weekly newsletter filled with content, video, worksheets etc. prove to be a useful resource for you in your work. Please share with your friends! As we know in the area of stewardship and cultivation the more the merrier!

Best Regards,
Dominique Aubry

This week we start off with the basics.

How would you score your community engagement?

When thinking through a strategy to engage your community whether it be alumni, members, advocates or supporters what is your starting point? Often times we just look at past year outcomes and tag on a few extra points, higher numbers and say done and done. Now we know on the financial side that we often put a lot more time into determining how much fundraising is required to reach out financial goals however we often do not do the same things for engaging our communities. These two goal setting processes should be complimentary to each other. As the more members you engage the more ways you can build a financial funnel to reach your monetary goals. Take a moment and check out the Association Scoreboard. A quick way gauge your current community engagement.