Shakira's Quinceanera

Gracias por celebrar con ella!

Shakira has had an adventurous life. Born on the same day as the singer Shakira, our girl is an Aquarius. She lived in Puerto Rico and went to kindergarten, first, and part of second grade there. Then at age seven, she moved with her mom, abuela, two brothers (Hector and Jeremias) and sister (Sheila) to Framingham. She had to adjust to a new life and learn English. Now, she is a skilled writer, reader, and poet. She loves music and has sung with the chorus and acted in a musical. She enjoys sports- especially biking and basketball. Once she even canoed down a river!

Quince Party

Saturday, March 2nd 2013 at 12pm

40 Summer St

Ashland, MA

We will celebrate at the American Legion Hall

12:00 Gathering and appetizers

12:15 Shakira is announced, escorted by Perry Hamerla, changing of the shoe

12:20 Welcome song "Las Mananitas" by Jazmyn and Oliver Hamerla

12:30 Luncheon

1:30 Presentation by Jesse and Sonya "los padrinos"

1:40 Father/Daughter dance

1:30-3:00 Dancing

3:00 Lighting of votives, poetry reading, and gifts

3:30 Lighting of the UU chalice by Jennifer Walton and Senior Youth Group

Thanks to all those who made this day possible...

With appreciation to: Carmen Gonzalez, Hector Rodriguez, Jeremias and Sheila Matos, Ramonita and Selena Santiago, Orisbel Natera, Tali Rojem, Teresa Tyler, and the Hamerlas. Special thanks to all Shakira's great friends- you are very loyal and caring!