BY: Squilliam and Dave

Quality Control

After the clamps are attached to the broom 1/10 devices will be checked to meet strength, accessibility, and overall clean look for no defections.

Flow Chart

  1. We drill holes through the broom head to put bolts through.

  2. Then we put the bolts through to attach to a clamp.

  3. We put the handle of the broom head into the clamps.

  4. We tighten the clamps and make sure everything is lined up.

Big image

Building process changes

we've changed the lifting mechanism by getting rid of the clamps so that the broom can lift up and not be stuck in one position on the ground.

Future changes

we will use real broom heads and aluminum instead of pvc fro our broom for the disabled. We will test every 10th product that comes off the line.