Building Pyramids

Steps to building pyramids

There are Egyptians who built pyramids long ago. At the time they had to transport the stones and used tools that they had.

First the Egyptians used old time tools to cut the stones. The tools they used to cut the stones had to be precisely when cutting them. The reference of the lines they need to know how to cut. Tools they used back then were copper chisels. They did not have hammers or big tools to use at their time. Tools were small at that time.They cut the stones with copper chisels. They cut straight lines with intervals when cutting.They had to be precise.

Second, they had to transport the stones to where they need them to be. They transported the stones down the Nile River putting 70 tons of stone on a raft. The raft went down the Nile and then they would take it from there. The Egyptians used a ramp to get to the top of the pyramid. The ramp was made out of rubble,that is caly and small stones and did not use wheels when they were working on the pyramid. Workers pushed the blocks with a platform to get up the ramp. The platform that they used were is called sledges. They put the last piece of the stone on top of the pyramid to finish.

Ancient Egyptians used transporting and tools when making the pyramid. They did this at a memorable time.

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