Daily Adversities

Jack Young


There are many people in our history who have persevered through adversity. Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt are just a few.

Problems With the Family


Eleanor Roosevelt lived a rough young life, but stayed positive to do great things later on in life. Her life started out on a low note, her parents wanting a boy, but getting Eleanor. People always made fun of her for her looks, including her own mother! She was called the "ugly duckling". Eleanor would always watch her mother stroke her brothers (Elliott and Hall) hair, while she sat alone on the side. Her father was always loving to her, but he was an alcoholic. He left the family when Eleanor was only six to deal with his drinking problem. Even after all of those rough times in her life, worse was to come. Soon, Eleanor's mother became ill and Eleanor would sit and hold her hand for hours. When Eleanor was eight, her mother died. Just after, her brother Elliott became sick and also died. A few moths after that, her father also died! Eleanor and her brother Hall were the only people left in the family. They went to live with their grandmother in Manhattan. Eleanor was able to power through all of these things and work to become a great role model. She went on to marry her fifth cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1921, Franklin was caught with polio, a horrible disease known to kill thousands. Franklin survived, but he remained paralyzed on the lower on the lower part of his body. Eleanor meanwhile, was helping Franklin back up to politics. He became president of the U.S.A. in 1932. Eleanor became a great role model for children, helping the ones in need.


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Losing to win


The issues that the people have had is a problem because of their parents. one possible solution is to take the to a new, better family. The answer is beneficial because they are no longer dealing with the stress that they received from their parents. The answer has a negative side because they will have to start a whole new life. Therefore, they can life the life that everyone should live. a great one. As a result, they will have a new family and new siblings.
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ups and downs


Winston Churchill faced many ups and downs in his lifetime. He was a government worker with a plan for WWI. The plan was unsuccessful, resulting in Churchill being moved out of politics. He would slowly make his way back to the top, and the people no longer believed in him which lead to him falling out of power once again. He was able to end his life a role model for everyone.

Closing Adversity daily

Overall, these people and many more have overcome major adversities to use their strengths and power for good.