The Roaring 20s

By: Michaela Drake

The Prohibition Era

The prohibition era lasted from 1920 to 1933. During this time the manufacturing and sale of alcohol was banned. This was the 18th amendment. The reason that this was done was because the president, Woodrow Wilson, thought that is would help be the solution to the nations poverty, crime and abuse towards women and children problems. Later the prohibition was repealed by the 21st amendment because stopping the flow of alcohol did not stop the problems.


Along with Prohibition came Speakeasies. Speakeasies were places that sold alcohol illegally during the prohibition. These places were called "Speakeasies" because to get in people had to whisper code words. Speakeasies claimed to be selling soft drinks, but behind the scenes they were selling alcohol.

Famous Flappers


The United States moved from war economy and businesses moved from supplying military needs to making commercial products. An initial recession took place but after that middle class Americans moved to a period of time when the economy grew. Between 1921 and 1924 the nation's gross national product jumped from $69 billion to $93 billion with wages rising by 22% from $36.4 billion to $51.5 billion.

Woman's Rights

In 1920 woman had been given the right to vote. Woman were going to college getting careers and with this they had new found independence. Woman were also learning how to drive which gave them freedom. Many woman of this time challenged the traditional views of woman's roles.

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