Warren Warriors Activities

By: Jaqui and Zoe


The purpose of athletics is make you fit and ready for high school

-It gets you fit from the conditioning

-They're are different varieties of sports and teams.

-you learn teamwork

-Get free days,on game days.

Some things that might challenge you and/or your family:

If you make a team you have early morning practice every morning.

A lot of running

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Musical Theater

The purpose of musical theater is to interact with all types of students to create and learn a show.

You might enjoy musical theater because of the following:

- You have a Winter Showcase and a Spring Musical.

- You get to have pizza during after school rehearsals.

- Interact with fellow students to create a show and learn on your way there.

- You learn dances and songs from different musicals. For example; Shipoopi.

Some things that might challenge you and/or your family:

-If you and a majority of the rest of the class are misbehaving, ya'll will have to do many, many jumping jacks.

- After school rehearsals that are mandatory.

- Go over the same thing ALOT.


The purpose of choir is to see if you can sing or learn to sing.

You might enjoy choir because of the following:

- You get the ability to go on trips.

- You challenge yourself.

- You get to express who you really are by singing.

- If you like singing that's the place to be.

Some things that may challenge you.

- It gets a little boring after awhile.

- Its a struggle keeping up.

Student Aid

The purpose of being a student aid is to help and assist your assigned teacher.

You might enjoy being a student aid because of the following:

- You get food.

- You get to hang out with your favorite teacher.

- Get a free class.

- Run errands.

One thing that might challenge you; you have to wait until eighth grade.


The purpose of basketball is to learn teamwork and work hard to win.

Reasons you might enjoy basketball:

-Go head to head with teams in the district.

-Learn the game & challenge yourself.

- There's 3 different teams so you have a good chance of making one.

-Get to have a chance to meet new people.

Some things that might challenge you and/or your family:

-Early morning practice, if you make a team.

- ALOT of running.

- Games out of town, so your parents might not make it.

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