Come to Pennsylvania!

The Breadbasket Awaits You!

Who Founded Pennsylvania and Why?

William Penn received a charter from King Charles II for what is now mostly Pennsylvania. William wanted to find a place where Quakers and other religions could live in peace from religious persecution. Another reason that Penn founded Pennsylvania was because of the profit from land sales.


Pennsylvania is the second largest state. The Delaware River and Susquehanna River run through Pennsylvania. The lowlands are located in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania. Also there is back country, the climate is warm summers and cold winters.


Pennsylvania is called the Bread Basket because of all the food it produces. Some of the most common resources that we produce are cattle, fish, grain, rum, iron, lumber, wheat and furniture. We also make paper, textiles, barley, oats, and rye. Most of all we have more than enough resources to last a whole winter!


William Penn was a Quaker, so only Quaker girls and all boys could attend school. He wanted to find a place where all religions could live in freedom from religious persecution.


The Quakers used a representative government. That means that the people elect a person to represent their interests and their ideas. The representative assembly is elected by landowners.