CCC Library Newsletter

Mrs. Williams - September, 2019


The Scholastic Book Fair in May 2019 was extremely successful and so far I was able to acquire about 150 new books for our library with Scholastic dollars. I've been cataloging new books every day! My volunteers help with covering the books. The pictures below show the new books before and after they are processed and covered. So far we've added about 100 books that are ready for circulation. I'm happy to share with you the process of adding new books to our CCC library collection.

Ready to be processed

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Being processed

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Each book purchased with Scholastic dollars gets a special sticker.

When your students/children bring books from the library, you can recognize the newest books purchased with Scholastic dollars by a special sticker I created to acknowledge the source of the book.
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All done!

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Ready to be displayed!

I display all new books for students in one spot. I try to keep new books for younger students on the right and for the older students on the left of my display. Also, f I have 5th graders coming in, I make sure 5th grade level books are displayed. If I have 3rd graders come in, I make sure their level of books is displayed. It's amazing to see how my display gets empty once the students leave the library :)
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Shipment of new books!

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Can't wait to get them processed and ready for our students to enjoy!

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Rewards for Library Volunteers and Students with exceptional library manners

Once in a while I reward my library volunteers when they help with shelving. They get to pick from the library treasure chest or from the reward books section. I also reward students for their outstanding library manners. When you see your students bring home a new pen or a reward book from the library, it means they helped in the library or showed their manners.
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CCC Library Newsletter from May 2019 included below

I've decided to include my Newsletter from May 2019 in case you didn't get a chance to read it before summer. It was a very busy time of the year! I'm happy to announce that almost all the books our students requested I was able to acquire for our library!

I'm looking forward to the next Scholastic Book Fair that will be in November 2019 during Parent Teacher Conference week. Stay tuned for more information.

Thank you,

Mrs. Williams

CCC Library Newsletter- May 2019


Dear Carlin C Coppin Families,

The Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success and it’s all thanks to you! All the purchases made during the book fair totaled in about 7800 dollars! I chose to receive Scholastic dollars as my profit which is 50% of the total sales. Since I chose to receive only Scholastic dollars, Scholastic gave me an additional 5%, so I ended up receiving 55% of total profit in Scholastic dollars! Additionally, I attended a Scholastic workshop for which we received some more Scholastic dollars. (I'll attend another workshop next school year:)

After adding it all up our library has received 4000 in Scholastic dollars to get new books for our library!

After the book fair during library time students got a chance to browse Scholastic catalog and look for titles they would like to see in the library in the next school year.

The most popular titles are the following:

  • Owl diaries series
  • Raina Telgemeier Books ( Drama, Ghosts, Smile, Sisters)
  • Babysitters club series
  • Dragon masters series
  • Harry Potter (I’m getting a whole new set as the current one I have is pretty used up)
  • Diary of an awesome friendly kid
  • Ranger in time series
  • Stolen girl and The Girl in the locked room ( both titles are for 4-5 graders)
  • Pokemon books
  • Bad Guys

Non-fictions book:

  • Football and basketball
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • rocks and minerals
  • horses

I’m definitely getting everything my students would like to read plus some of my choices :) (until I run out of Scholastic dollars)

If anyone has suggestions, please write to me with suggestions. My email is

I'm going to have a book fair in November 2019 and then again in May 2020 so there's lots to look forward to!

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My husband took this picture while he arrived with our son to check the book fair somewhere after 6pm. It took them a while to get in! :) I never left the library during the Open House so I I'm glad I have this picture to share with everyone :)
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This is how our library looked like during the Book Fair :)
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Here I am with the Dog Man- kids loved to see Dog Man visit our Book Fair!

All For Books

You might have noticed that during the book fair you were asked at the cash register if you would like to donate to All for Books by rounding up to the nearest dollar. There was also an "All for Books" box where you could put your spare change. It all added up and at the end of the book fair I pulled few books from the fair and bought them using the "All for Books" funds. I put the sticker in each book to indicate it was purchased with "All for Books" money.

Pictures below show the books I got. Thank you!

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Thank you to all Book Fair Volunteers!

A big shout out to all my volunteers, parents, students, and my family! I couldn't have made it without your help!

Stay tuned for a sign up genius in the new 2019/2020 school year! I'm planning to have a book fair during parent/teacher conference week which falls on the week of November 18, 2019. It will be a great time to get books for Christmas and Holiday break!

I might need some help covering the new books I will be getting from Scholastic after summer. If I do, I'll create a sign up genius for that as well. (I will be processing the books myself to save on the cost) I would like to have the books available when students get back to school.

Thank you for all your help! I sincerely appreciate it!

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Summer Book Giveaway in the library- a gift from Downtown Lincoln Kiwanis Club

A big thank you to Kiwanis Downtown Lincoln for donating books to our library so all students could have books to read in the summer! During the last two (2) library classes our students got to choose up to two free books to take home. They were all pretty excited and happy that they got to keep the books "forever" :) I tried to go through the boxes of donated books and then choose some titles that I knew a specific class would enjoy more, for example I knew that Mrs. McGrath class loves astronomy books or Mrs. Radtke class loves Harry Potter books. There were also some ex-library books in the donation pile so if you see an ex-library book it will have a "discarded" stamp on the title page.
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Past Yearbooks in the library

Students got a chance to look at past yearbooks during the last week of school. They really enjoyed finding pictures of themselves when they were in Kindergarten, especially our 5th graders! With some students we even look at older yearbooks to find their parents! It was a great experience and we will do it again next year!