From the Odyssey by Homer

What makes Odyssey a hero?


From the beginning Odyssey was a hero. He brought only his crew to see if there was danger and he left the rest of the people behind keeping them safe. He put others safety above his own, knowing how dangerous it could be. After Polyphemus captured them he started to eat them and held them captive yet Odyssey didn't waver or show weakness, he came up with a plan to offer the Cyclops wine to intoxicate him then blind him. He tricked the Cyclops telling him he was "nobody" so when he cried out saying "nobody blinded me" people would not understand therefore not help him. Although not all of is men made it out alive he brought the ones he could in to his plan and he saved them. He could have left easily but he stayed to save his crew and help them out. Odyssey was brave and dint back down when he was given an obstacle making him a hero.