Walnut Creek School District

Governing Board Meeting Summary for January 2022


Governing Board Members

  • Aimee Moss, Board President - present
  • Zetta Reicker, Board Clerk - present
  • Heidi Hernandez-Gatty, Trustee - present
  • Nithin Iyengar, Trustee - present
  • Sarah Talach, Trustee - present
  • Marie Morgan, Superintendent - present


The Board approved the following consent items:

  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes, 13th December 2021
  • Special Board Meeting Minutes, 14th December 2021
  • Quarterly Williams Uniform Complaint for Quarter Ending 14th December 2021
  • Updated Salary Schedules for CSEA and WCTA
  • Notice of Intent to Dispose or Donate Surplus Items 2022
  • December 2021 Warrants
  • Personnel Consent Calendar Items


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The Board heard discussions on the following topics:

  • Jan Rogenski, Asst. Superintendent of Educational Services, and Connie McCarley, Asst. Director of Educational Support Services, introduced a new, supplementary wellness program that staff will be piloting. The Second Step program aligns with our adopted SEL standards and CASEL competencies, supports inclusive communities, builds on each grade level (PK-8), and provides live professional development. Each lesson is 15-30 minutes, and will be used to support teachers in Morning Meetings at the elementary level and during Advisory for grades 6-8.


The Board voted on the following recommended action items:

  • Vince Morales, Chief Business Official, presented the Child Nutrition Services Periodic Certification for approval - Approved, 5-0
  • Chief Business Official, Vince Morales, presented Resolution 21-22-07, CALOES-FEMA Designation of Applican'ts Agents, for approval - Approved, 5-0


The Board Members reported the following activities since our last Board meeting:

  • Sarah Talach: met with Superintendent Morgan on 1/6 and Aimee Moss on 1/9 for onboarding to the Governing Board team
  • Heidi Hernandez-Gatty: helped distribute at-home COVID tests on 1/2; thanked administrative staff for an organized event
  • Nithin Iyengar: nothing to report; thanked District staff for their phenomenal response to this phase of the pandemic
  • Zetta Reicker: helped distribute at-home COVID tests on 1/2
  • Aimee Moss: helped distribute at-home COVID tests on 1/2; met with Sarah Talach on 1/9 for onboarding

January is School Board Recognition Month! Superintendent Morgan thanked the Board for the hours & hours of work that they give back to our district...we are very appreciative!

CSBA Annual Education Conference Report

The 2021/22 California School Board Association's Annual Education Conference was attended December 2-3, 2022, by Aimee Moss, Zetta Reicker, Marie Morgan, and Lynnette Harada.

Ms. Moss enjoyed the "normal" feeling of being back at the AEC in person. She was very inspired by the keynote speech from Dr. Victor Rios, Associate Dean of Social Sciences & Professor at UCSB. Ms. Moss also heard speaker Hardy Brown on the Footsteps to Freedom, which she felt tied into the work we are doing with Dr. Nancy Dome.

Ms. Reicker was glad to be in person this year, as opposed to virtual last year. She was also moved by Dr. Rios' speech and the impact of the teacher, the importance & role that schools play. Ms. Reicker enjoyed sessions on policy updates, bonds, financing, and connecting with other local trustess.

Ms. Morgan joined in sessions that made connections to what we are working on as a collective in our district. Our February kindness campaign, Hearts YOUnited, came from one of the AEC sessions. She was very happy to come together & reconnect with Board members and other local districts at this level.

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A Facilities Study Session with the Board was held on 24th January 2022.

  • Ruben Fernandez, Director of Innovation, gave a recap of our Measure D projects - which include roofing, energy controls, 21st century classroom environments, technology infrastructure upgrades, Tice Creek modular, and WCI modernization. Mr. Fernandez addressed revenues and expenditures, as well as projected remaining project spending.
  • King Consulting representative, Jamie King-Iseman, presented on the State School Facility Program Review, which offers opportunities to recoup some of the dollars from earlier projects, as well as provides an opportunity to apply future monies that would offset costs. Their goal is to find all possible monies for districts to match & stretch community dollars.
  • Mr. Fernandez then spoke to the estimated site needs, Bond project timeline, and WCSD HVAC modernization to be covered by current Measure D funds through summer 2023, with a focus on our commitment to safety and long-term energy savings.
  • Jeff Pickett of Isom Advisors presented future funding options for our district - voter-approved funding such as Parcel Tax Elections and General Obligation Bond elections. Mr. Pickett explained how each option works and what they can each be used for. He also provided an overview of how each type of funding has done in past elections, and looked at voter demographics & voter turnout rates. Finally, Mr. Pickett provided a recommended timeline for putting one of these options on the November 2022 ballot.
  • The Board asked questions of all presenters and held discussions on all of the information provided. They would like to further investigate on action for a November election.
Check Out the Video Below Showcasing Measure D Dollars At Work!
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17 Staff Development Day - No School

18-21 President's Weekend - No School

25 End 2nd Trimester, Elementary/Tice Creek - Minimum Day


11 End 3rd Quarter, WCI - Minimum Day


4-8 Spring Break