Discussion questions for this Sunday

This coming Sunday

Please see below the discussion questions.

They have a very sharp focus on the issue of sin.

If you can not make it please pray for us as we chat about this topic from the life of Paul.

Please if you can lead a group [we need at least 6 people] please join me to pray at 4.00 pm

Discussion questions



1. God was grieved by what He saw in Noah’s day.

a. What did God see ?

2. How does today’s moral climate compare to Noah’s day?

a. How does it impact your life?

b. Has your heart become apathetic or complacent toward God and the consequences of sin? [Tell a story so as to illustrate your answer]

  1. Have you grieved God’s heart in any way recently?

    1. By telling a story share “If so, how and why? What has been the result?”

4. In Genesis 8, we see Noah’s patience and waiting on God to leave the ark.

a. In what areas do you struggle with waiting on God’s timing in your life?

5. In order to stand alone for God, you must know Him, trust Him, and walk with Him. “Noah did according to all that the Lord had commanded him” (Genesis 6:22; 7:5).

a. How would you evaluate your obedience to Christ?

6. How has the issue of sin been dealt with today ?

a. How does God see our sin today ?

b. Do we know are sins have been forgiven ?

7. Take time to pray for each other