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3D Printing is Here to Stay

A report released by the NMC Horizon Project highlighted that 3D printing will have a massive impact on education, particularity in the STEM areas in the next 3-5 years. Combined with an ‘Internet of things’ children of today will have powerful tools to solve the problems of tomorrow. With the removal of failure as a fear holding them back, students will be able to reach new levels of thinking and problem solving.

“Typically, students are not allowed to handle fragile objects like fossils and artifacts; 3D printing shows promise as a rapid prototyping and production tool, providing users with the ability to touch, hold, and even take home an accurate model.”

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Technology Workshops Being Offered this Fall/Winter

Join us on Saturdays for a four week series on multimedia tools for teachers. You can sign up for the workshops at this link: There will also be an additional two Wednesday afterschool sessions focused on Stride and Star. Staff will be paid a stipend for attending these workshops.

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How do I print my STAR reports? You need to follow these steps to print your star reports. Log in to STAR and select Math. Then Click Reports. Be sure to select your class or student and hit "view report". Go to file print or save as a document to your device.

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