Tarheels Newsletter

December 4, 2015

Upcoming Dates/Events/Information

  • Pre-order your yearbooks! Go to www.jostens.com
  • Thank you to Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Tagner for volunteering to bag all 125 bags of popcorn for our midterm reward. All students received popcorn regardless of meeting the criteria or not. Carmike donated all the popcorn and bags for our event.

Items needed

  • Old inactive cell phones

Academic Class Information

Language Arts

This week students practiced fluency with our novel. They also created a Symbolism Inventory with common idea and ideas from the text. We played the game: "That Was Random" that was a ton of fun. Students had to find symbolic connections using an idea card and an object card: For example: Ceiling Fan + Determination = Ceiling Fans never move forward, always moving to the same place in which they started yet they continue on with determination, never giving up. We had some interesting connections and we all got a good laugh out of many.

Second period students will have a test on Monday pertaining to Stem List #3. Please find the list and practice activities on Quizlet.com.


Students used variables this week to represent numbers and write variable expression to solve real-world mathematical problems. This was an extension of their previous knowledge and skills using adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with integers and rational numbers. We also spent part of 3 days working on their math holiday or grocery budget project. They will need to complete the project and turn them in no later than Wednesday, Dec. 9th. The project reviewed their skills of working with percents such as discount and sales tax.

Social Studies

We have started learning about the greatest era of change, the "Global Convergence"----The Renaissance! This week has found us delving into the vocabulary, and being quizzed on those terms. We have looked at the restoration of Da Vinci's "Last Supper". This time before Christmas Break will find us comparing and contrasting Medieval art, literature, architecture, science, and inventions with similar Renaissance areas. We will gain understanding of not only the changing attitude of how humans viewed themselves, but why the cultural revolution of this particular era was the catalyst for changes that are still transpiring today. And, how it was the spark that started the raging fires of the Reformation, of exploration's "Three Gs: God, Glory, Gold", lead to the imperialism and enlightenment philosophies that resulted in colonization, and then onto revolutions that became the great nations of today (especially Thirteen Colonies that were established an entire Atlantic Ocean away from their "Mother Country"-- Great Britain---eventually becoming this great nation.


This week students learned about Body systems. Please check Mrs. Peck's website for further details, Powerpoints and assignments.